MBA Programs

Savage Consulting Group is proud to collaborate with prestige MBA programs, providing students with resources to position themselves for continued career success. SCG’s MBA Coaching Program augments academic excellence with real-world, executive-level corporate experience and practical applications that are customized to leverage an individual’s unique strengths. Participating MBA programs engage SCG to provide individual coaching sessions and access to skills training, career planning and leadership development at a critical junction in the student’s professional career.

"Valerie is a great coach. She is organized, efficient and she genuinely cares about helping MBA students reach their fullest potential."

McCombs MBA Student

"I was very impressed with Valerie. She listened intently; took excellent notes; and offered great suggestions. I look forward to working with her more this semester."

McCombs MBA Student

"I have been working with Valerie for over a year now and have been extremely happy with her career coaching. I will continue to use her and have recommended her to many of my Executive MBA colleagues."

McCombs MBA Student

"Valerie was extremely well-prepared and very professional. She was able to read me and cut right to the point. Her language was direct and she was very good at explaining the value proposition/resume pitching process."

McCombs MBA Student

"After spending the past hour with Valerie Savage, I have a new perspective on executive coaching and a greater appreciation for Concordia making the opportunity available through the MBA program. Valerie is clearly an experienced professional with genuine interest in the journey of others. Her approach was engaging and interactive, resulting in tangible insight, unique to me, and clearly valuable beyond a job search."

Concordia MBA Student


Key differentiators of SCG's MBA Coaching Program:

  • Executive leadership with financial, strategic, and operational experience in private and public companies at all stages of growth
  • A Myers-Briggs-based approach and methodologies to refine a career path focused on personal strengths
  • A proven model for career transition based on reframing past work experience to create a compelling value proposition for new roles
  • Ongoing projects with corporate employers that provide insight into current market opportunities and personal brand positioning