CEO Consulting

CEOs often fly solo, with limited access to an executive-level peer who can help dissect complex challenges or to challenge high-stakes business decisions before driving the team towards execution. As a strategic advisor to CEOs, SCG provides a multi-faceted, 360° approach, integrating financial, operational and strategic perspectives for strategy refinement to drive a successful business plan.

"Valerie has been a strategic coach to my firm for more than one year. She has brought a mix of best practices in organizational dynamics and world-class guidance on creating infrastructure within in my company that supports an aggressive growth strategy. She is a pleasure to collaborate with and I strongly recommend her to CEOs and founders."

CEO, Public Relations Agency

”Valerie is a pleasure to work with. Our business evolved via her financial models and operational metrics guidance. Consulting with Valerie opens up new ways of analyzing your business and making decisions both large and small.”

Co-Owner, Boutique Design Firm

“As a business coach, Valerie is very conscious of the total needs of businesses when conducting her sessions. She has always presented thoughtful and relevant information for my business and me, personally. She has helped me achieve my strategic objectives. She would a valuable asset to anybody’s organization.”

CEO, Enterprise Software Firm

My firm, Praxent, hired Valerie recently to work with our leadership team to improve upon our teamwork. We were very impressed and pleased with her contributions. She is an expert listener and facilitator, as well as exceptionally knowledgeable about financial management. This allowed her to go beyond facilitation to offer thoughtful recommendations, which she always prefaced were above and beyond her role as a facilitator. I highly recommend Valerie to another executive team seeking to improve their teamwork and performance. 

Managing Partner, Digital Innovation Agency

Client Success Stories

Revitalizing the Business Model of a Specialized Healthcare Clinic

The CEO of a specialized healthcare clinic engaged SCG to evaluate options for revitalizing the business model, to position the business for expansion, and to build an additional layer of management to buffer to CEO from day-to-day business operations.

After assessing the existing business model and the CEO’s long term strategic goals, SCG helped evaluate options for business expansion targeting a previously unaddressed client base; restructured pricing for a business segment to increase revenue 450% with no change in cost of services provided; expanded CEO’s comprehension of financial statements to highlight areas of risk and opportunity; drove the selection and implementation of new billing software for timely billing and collections; identified billing processes affecting insurance reimbursement; advised organizational structure to reduce CEO’s direct engagement in daily operations; and overhauled operational and financial reporting for enhanced executive oversight.

“Cracking the code” for a professional Services Firm

The CEO of a professional services firm engaged SCG to “crack the code” of the firm’s core value proposition in the market, to refine the ideal client profile and shift from an “opportunistic” to “targeted” sales approach to achieve aggressive revenue goals and increased profitability.

SCG analyzed historical data for to client segmentation and target client profiles; expanded CEO’s comprehension of financial statements to highlight areas of risk and opportunity; collaborated with fractional CSO to establish a non-traditional, hybrid sales structure for account executives with primary responsibility for account execution; provided Myers-Briggs MBTI® assessments for management team with weekly 1x1 executive coaching to align with strategic objectives; expanded infrastructure to support an aggressive sales ramp; formalized operational processes, financial and operational KPIs; refined onboarding process to accelerate productivity for new hires.

Coaching a Management Team to Navigate Organizational Change

SCG was engaged by a large, internationally-recognized professional organization to assist with a leadership transition. The organization’s highly popular CEO was retiring after heading the organization for 17 years and leading it through a period of substantial growth and expansion of business activities. While the new CEO had been selected from within the organization, the leadership team recognized the need to equip the 60+ managers and supervisors with additional skills to navigate the year-long transition and successfully lead their teams through the organizational change.

SCG led a half-day workshop on “Change Management”, based on Myer-Briggs MBTI® Type concepts at the organization’s Managers and Supervisor’s Summit. In addition to prepared content, participants were led through several facilitated break-out sessions to identify key risk areas requiring proactive action by the team and/or executive management. Summarized points were presented to the executive team for further action. Participants reported a significant increase in perceived ability to successfully lead their teams through the organizational change.

Executive Coaching for a 1st Time CEO

A smart, aggressive professional made a bold pitch to take over the reins at a company whose business model had stalled. Despite relevant domain expertise and strong selling skills, the first-time CEO had minimal experience leading teams and no experience at an executive level.

SCG was engaged to walk alongside the CEO, supporting all CEO activities, including team development, financial analysis, investor presentations and strategy development. Initially, SCG provided an onsite presence, participating in key meetings to deliver timely feedback to the CEO, building on the natural leadership style and augmenting existing skills and expertise. SCG support gradually transitioned to weekly 2-hour, one-on-one strategy sessions with the CEO to continue refining and enhancing executive-level skills. In addition, SCG provided support via short-term projects specific to the CEO and/or executive team's needs. As a result of this customized support, the CEO was successful in building a strong executive team and achieving financial goals for the company.